Clavin Calls for Increased Investment in Hempstead Town Roads-Receiver Faults Supervisor Gillen’s Lack of Vision, Leadership

Standing alongside the man who deals with the bent rims and flat tires that are the result of crater-riddled roads in Hempstead TownSupervisor candidate Don Clavin said that the township’s infrastructure, especially the local roadway network, is deteriorating and is in need of major capital investment if the township is to avoid dangerous conditions that will put motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians at risk.  The soon-to-be Supervisor also said that a lack of vision and leadership on the Supervisor’s part has destined the town to the same fate as many areas of New York City, renowned for their pothole-richroads.  Clavin announced that he will double the road investment funds as Hempstead Town Supervisor in the first year of his administration.

“Hempstead’s roadways used to be the envy of other municipalities, giving drivers clean, smooth and safe streets upon which to drive,” said Clavin.  “The streets are now in shameful condition, and the lack of vision and leadership on the part of Laura Gillen has allowed them deteriorate to a deplorable level.  In fact, our motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists will be subject to truly dangerous conditions if we do not take decisive action now.”

Clavin stood with John Frisolone, owner of Bellmore Towing.  The car service professional indicated that town roads have gotten worse in the past year and a half, citing an increase in the number of bent rims and flat tires that he repairs as a result of “monster potholes” in Hempstead Town.

Clavin noted that the Supervisor presented a woefully inadequate capital budget for roadway repaving and related work totaling $31.5 million in the Spring of this year.  Clavin thanked the Town Council Members for boosting the Supervisor’s road repaving allotment by 16%, bringing the total monies to be spent on road resurfacing to $36.5 million.  However, Clavin now states that the total capital roadway budget must be boosted to at least $70 million if the town is to avoid becoming “the sixth borough of New York City, which is famous for its car-wrecking pavement craters.

“Now is the time to ‘Save Our Suburbs’,” said Clavin.  “People moved to Hempstead Town for a better, suburban quality-of-life.  Maybe Supervisor Gillen is content to stand by and let our streets deteriorate to the condition of the neighborhoods to the west in New York City…I am not.  We need real vision and leadership in the Supervisor’s Office.  I stand ready to work with the Town Council Members to make the investment in our roadways that is needed.”



Don Clavin