Clavin Stands With Workforce, Calls to Shut Down Building Until Declared Safe

Standing with CSEA Local 880 leaders, Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin slammed the administration’s handling of a bed bug infestation at the 200 North Franklin Street building in Hempstead, which houses the Tax Office, as well as the Parks Department, Senior Enrichment, Planning and Public Safety Department offices. 

Clavin questioned why the current Supervisor’s administration did not heed his calls to completely shutter the building until one week after bed bugs were first reported. What’s more, thanks to the investigative work of an independent exterminator, the insects continued to be spotted inside the building more than 48 hours after the administration declared the situation to be under control. 

“Last week I joined with the president and vice president of the CSEA Local 880 to demand that these offices be shut down and properly treated,” Clavin said at a news conference. “Unfortunately, the current administration issued a statement to save face, claiming that the outbreak was contained. Clearly, the outbreak was not contained, resulting in continuously jeopardizing the health and hygiene of the employees and constituents who frequent this building.

Despite the building closure on July 18th and July 19th, Clavin and his hard-working CSEA Local 880 staff ensured that services would go on uninterrupted. Stationed outside in the parking lot of the Tax Office, and with staff serving the public at the Drive-Thru and at local senior centers across the town, Clavin’s tax office still provided its convenient and helpful services to taxpayers on the hottest days of the year. 

“Thank you to the board of the CSEA Local 880 for providing our workers with support throughout this ordeal,” Clavin said, “which could have been avoided if the administration had been more communicative and responsive to the issues that we had already identified.”


Don Clavin