L.I. Conference of Clergy Members Endorse Clavin for Hempstead Supervisor

Standing outside St. John’s Baptist Church in Westbury, Hempstead Town Receiver Don Clavin accepted the endorsement of Reverend Dr. William A. Watson, Jr. and numerous other members of the Long Island Conference of Clergy.  The Conference is comprised of pastors of churches across Long Island, who engender great respect throughout Long Island’s religious community and hold enormous representation in the African American community, among other groups.  Watson, the Pastor of St. John’s Baptist Church in Westbury and Free Will Baptist Church in Freeport, explained that Clavin reached out to him and other members of the Long Island Conference of Clergy to listen to their concerns, include them in the governmental process and to express concern over challenges that are confronting churches on Long Island.  The Receiver also vowed to include members of the clergy in his transition team and ensure that they had a voice in his administration.  The clergy members embraced Clavin’s openness.  And, despite the fact that many members of the Conference had endorsed the current Supervisor in her 2017 run for Supervisor, the clergy members expressed support for Clavin’s management style, record of accomplishments and vision for the Supervisor’s Office.  Also present was the Chief of Staff of the Long Island Conference of Clergy and Sr. Pastor of Miracle Christian Center, Hempstead, NY - Bishop David B. Gates, II.  Other clergy in attendance included Bishop Joseph Williams, Bishop Frank A. White, Bishop Elect Isaac Melton, Reverend Cornelius Watson, Reverend Lawton Bryant, Reverend Lynwood E. Deans, Reverend Dr. William E. Thomas, Reverend Janie West Mays and Overseer Regina Johnson.

“Bishop Watson, along with all of the pastors present today, is among the most respected voices in Long Island’s religious community,” stated Clavin. “These pastors represent the soul of Hempstead Town, and I am honored to accept their endorsement. I have met with them to listen to their views, seek their counsel and express my concern for challenges confronting the religious community on Long Island. They will always have a seat at the table in my administration as Hempstead Town Supervisor.”

Clavin vowed to establish regular meetings with members of the clergy as Supervisor.  He also observed that he would work hard to represent the interests of their congregations, as well as all people who call Hempstead Town home. Recently, Clavin requested a meeting with the Long Island Conference of Clergy after reading news accounts about prospective property tax assessment changes that could have a profound and negative impact on churches across Nassau County. What’s more, Clavin wished to seek the guidance and insights of the clergy as he develops new facets of his vision for Hempstead Town.

“Don Clavin is a respectful and thoughtful individual who cares about the religious community, African American residents of Hempstead Town and all of the people who comprise the diverse and big, beautiful family that is America’s largest township,” stated Watson.  “I was impressed with the fact that he reached out to the Long Island Conference of Clergy, seeking to include us in his team and assure us that we will have a meaningful role in his administration. I endorse Don Clavin for Supervisor of Hempstead Town.”

Other members of the Conference expressed support for Don Clavin’s record of accomplishment, management style and his inclusive approach to governance.  Some of Clavin’s specific achievements that garnered the support of clergy members include his work to help homeowners challenge property tax assessments and his “how to” seminars on taking advantage of property tax exemptions.  Members of the clergy also appreciated the Receiver’s interest in including the religious community as stakeholders in his government administration.

“Don Clavin has given me his word that we will be heard and headed by him and members of his management team,” said Bishop Gates.  “Don reached out to the Long Island Conference of Clergy, and his genuine sincerity and consistency over the past few months has impressed us.  I trust Don Clavin, and I believe he will be a great Supervisor.  I endorse Don.”

“Thank you to the members of the Long Island Conference of Clergy for their valued friendship, guidance and endorsement,” concluded Clavin. “I value their opinions and am committed to continue our dialogue and include them in a meaningful way in my administration.”

Don Clavin