A Win for ALL Nassau Taxpayers – Clavin Declares Victory as C.E. Extends Tax Grievance Deadline to May 7th

As midnight struck for the April 30th deadline for Nassau homeowners to grieve their taxes, Nassau County’s Assessment Review Commission website was dysfunctional. In fact, on the eve of the filing deadline, the website was reportedly down for nearly 12 hours and continued to go on and off throughout the April 30th deadline day. In addition, there were service disruptions at the Assessment Review Commissions offices on April 29th due to an Anthrax scare at another county office.

Hempstead Town Receiver Don Clavin fielded a host of phone calls and social media messages from taxpayers who were concerned if they would be able to file their tax grievance applications in time. Advocating for taxpayers, Clavin immediately called on the County Executive to extend the tax grievance filing deadline to Tuesday, May 7th.

“By giving taxpayers an extra week to file, the thought was that it would provide some relief from the stress they experienced when they couldn’t access the county ARC’s filing website,” Clavin said. “But then when the County Executive ultimately decided to act, there was even more of a reason to extend it to May 7th.”

That’s because County Executive Laura Curran’s initial decision to extend the filing deadline to Friday, May 3rd at 11:59 p.m. was not considerate of the unique needs of the Orthodox Jewish community. Clavinpartnered with Legislator Howard Kopel, whose district includes the Five Towns communities, to submit letters to alert the County Executive that members of the Orthodox Jewish community observe Sabbath after sundown on Fridays, and as a result would have less time to file their applications. Kopel also pointed out that many of those observing Passover may have waited until after the holiday to file their applications, which was when the county’s ARC website faltered.

Nearly 24 hours after the letters from Clavin and Kopelwere sent, it was announced that the County Executive would extend the tax grievance filing deadline to Tuesday, May 7th.

“This is a victory for ALL of our taxpayers,” Clavin said. “I encourage homeowners to take advantage of the extended deadline by filing their grievances and exercising their rights as Nassau County taxpayers.”

Don Clavin