Don Clavin: CE's Veto Takes Voice Away from Voters on Issue of Elected Assessor

As reported in Newsday on May 14th, 2019, the County Executive vetoed an important Legislative bill that would have called for a referendum to decide whether the position of Nassau County Assessor should be elected or appointed.

In case you missed it on his Facebook and Twitter pages, Hempstead Town Receiver Don Clavin, who has been a staunch advocate for taxpayers who are concerned and distrustful of the county administration’s error-riddled reassessment, offered his opinion on the County Executive’s veto. Don said:

“The County Executive's decision to veto this important Legislative bill is unfortunate for voters because it takes away their voices on the important issue of having an elected assessor in Nassau County. The County Executive’s current hand-picked Assessor is a bureaucrat who only answers to the administration. An elected assessor would be held accountable by the people. Under the current system, the Assessor touts the accuracy of the reassessment, despite a process that lacks transparency and is full of errors. One homeowner even filed a lawsuit against the CE to make the administration reveal its "secretive formula" used to determine his home's assessment and the assessment of those across the county. What's more, homeowners are so distrusting of the reassessment that they are filing grievances in record numbers. Voters deserve the right to decide whether or not the Assessor is the right person for the job. Taxpayers truly do deserve better.”

Don Clavin