Clavin Calls on C.E. To Extend Tax Grievance Deadline After County Website Fails on Eve of End of Filing Period

On the eve of the April 30th deadline for Nassau County homeowners to file a property tax challenge, the website of Nassau’s Assessment Review Commission failed for nearly 12 hours. On the same day, there was a service disruption at ARC’s offices as a result of an Anthrax scare at another county department. What’s more, on the actual deadline day, the ARC website went down on multiple occasions throughout the day. 

After receiving a flood of inquiries at the tax office and through social media, Hempstead Town Receiver Don Clavin joined with Legislator Tom McKevitt to call on County Executive Laura Curran to extend the tax grievance deadline by a week – from April 30th to May 7th. Though the County Executive responded to the website failures and service disruptions by extending the filing period to May 3rd at 11:59 p.m., both Clavin and McKevitt renewed their call to make the new deadline on May 7th. 

“Many of our hard-working taxpayers have second or third jobs, and have to take care of their families and households,” Clavin said. “Many who logged on to challenge their assessments by the deadline then had the stress of dealing with error messages. That’s truly frustrating and unfair. They need more time, and an extra week would be helpful for our taxpayers.”

Clavin has stressed the importance of filing tax grievances, especially this year, because it is the last chance for homeowners to exercise their right to challenge their property tax assessment under the County Executive’s error-riddled reassessment. Unfortunately, taxpayers faced many obstacles just to meet the deadline, and it’s only right for the county to extend the filing period by a week. 

What’s more, Clavin detailed in a letter to County Executive Curran that the May 3rd Friday night deadline was disrespectful to the Orthodox Jewish community, which observes the Sabbath after sundown on Fridays. Clavin said that members of the Orthodox Jewish communities in the Five Towns, West Hempstead and across the county would have less time to meet the tax grievance deadline. 

 “I’m relieved that no one was injured or hurt during the Anthrax scare at the county’s offices,” Clavin said. “Combined with the issues with the county’s website, I am asking for the County Executive to give taxpayers until May 7thto file their tax grievances, instead of just three days.”

Don Clavin