Blakeman, King Sweeney Endorse Clavin for Hempstead Supervisor- Duo Back Receiver's "Taxpayer's First" Agenda & Ability to Work with Town Board

Two influential Hempstead Town Council Members, Majority Leader Erin King Sweeney and Deputy Supervisor Bruce Blakeman, today endorsed Town Receiver Don Clavin in his bid to become the next Supervisor of America’s largest township.  King Sweeney and Blakeman praised the Receiver’s sound and sensible tax policies and his strong ability to work collaboratively with his colleagues on the Town Board, including both Democrat and Republican members.  The Council Members indicated that Clavin’s support for and participation in crafting the Town Council Member’s 2019 tax cut budget, along with his opposition to the Supervisor’s 2019 tax hike budget proposal, were factors that earned their support for Clavin.  The two officials also applauded the Receiver’s work in helping tens of thousands of homeowners to lower their taxes through his seminars on property tax exemptions and challenging tax assessments.  The Clavin endorsements signal a major political shift as Blakeman crossed the aisle to endorse Laura Gillen in 2017 and King Sweeney has worked with the current Supervisor on governmental priorities.

“Don Clavin and I have known each other since we were little boys growing up in Valley Stream,” said Blakeman. “Don has the common sense, experience and temperament to lead America’s largest Township.”

“Don Clavin is such a positive force for Hempstead’s taxpayers,” commented King Sweeney.  “He has helped thousands upon thousands of homeowners to lower their taxes through his useful taxpayer seminars.  What’s more, the Receiver has proposed important property tax exemption programs for veterans, senior citizens, and persons with special needs, among others.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Deputy Supervisor Bruce Blakeman and Majority Leader Erin King Sweeney,” said Clavin.  “Their support signifies a level of trust in our shared commitment to meaningful tax relief for Hempstead Town neighbors.  Their backing is also an acknowledgement of the work that I have done to help homeowners reduce their tax burden.  Finally, I appreciate their confidence in my ability to continue to work in a collegial and forthright manner for the well-being of Hempstead Town residents.  Thank you, Bruce and Erin.”

The Receiver’s good government agenda includes his work with a bipartisan coalition of Town Council Members, who delivered a 2019 budget which slashed taxes by 4.2% compared to the Supervisor’s spending plan.  In fact, the Supervisor proposed a 2019 budget, which boosted total town taxes by $2 million.  Perhaps most important, Clavin has pledged to cut the Supervisor’s $2 million patronage staff payroll by half on “day one” of his administration.

“Don worked with us, providing valuable input on our 2019 budget, which slashed taxes by 4.2 percent,” said King Sweeney.  “I support his taxpayer-friendly agenda. What’s more, his office has been a model of government efficiency and innovation. That’s why I am backing Don.”

“Cutting the Supervisor’s budget by $1 million on the first day of my administration is an important step in restoring the public’s trust in the town Supervisor’s Office,” stated Clavin.  “I am eager to work with Bruce and Erin to produce budgets that respect our taxpayers.”

Don Clavin has run an efficient and responsive tax office, which has been a model for other municipalities around the state.  In fact, the Receiver has been putting taxpayers first during his 18 years in office, doing more to help residents reduce their property tax burden than any other public official.  He has held hundreds upon hundreds of taxpayer forums, demonstrating to homeowners how they can lower their taxes through “tax challenges.”  Clavin also hosts “how to” programs that assist taxpayers in getting every property tax exemption for which they are eligible.  Don Clavin is acknowledged as the strongest advocate for homeowners who are being adversely impacted by the Nassau County Assessor’s property tax reassessment process.  Indeed, the reassessment is hiking taxes for hundreds of thousands of neighbors.

Recently, Clavin has initiated a host of taxpayer friendly initiatives.  He helped thousands of homeowners to prepay their 2018 property taxes so that they could mitigate the impact of a new federal tax code, which reduced the amount that taxpayers could deduct on their income tax returns.  The Receiver also has proposed increased property tax exemptions for senior citizens, veterans and people with disabilities.  A government innovator, Don Clavin has introduced a host of initiatives to make it more convenient to pay taxes, including mobile tax offices, satellite tax payment locations, drive-thru payment windows and extended office hours.  Clavin has also implemented the first in New York e-Billing program, allowing homeowners to “go paperless” when it comes to paying tax bills.  Email and text payment reminders, online tax paying and a variety of other reforms have established the Receiver as a leader in municipal government.

“I have worked hard to build a progressive and innovative receiver’s office, as well as provide real and meaningful property tax relief for Hempstead Town homeowners,” said Clavin.  “As Supervisor, I will work directly with Erin, Bruce and all the Town Board members to control spending, reduce the tax burden and provide cost effective, high quality services to our residents.”

“Don Clavin is the right person to lead the Town forward,” concluded Blakeman.  “Don Clavin is the only choice for voters this year, and that is why he has earned my endorsement.”

Don Clavin