Don Clavin Kicks Off Campaign for Hempstead Supervisor, Opposes Supervisor’s Tax-Hike Plan, Vows to Slash Laura Gillen’s $2M Staff Payroll in Half on Day One

Surrounded by throngs of cheering supporters, government colleagues and his family, Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin announced that he is running for Supervisor of America’s largest township, putting taxpayers first.  Clavin pledged to fight the tax-hiking agenda of Supervisor Laura Gillen, committing to slash runaway spending that has occurred under her watch. Clavin was a vocal critic of the Supervisor’s 2019 tax-hike plan, which called for a $2 million boost in total town taxes.  Instead, the Receiver worked with a bipartisan coalition of town Council Members, delivering a budget which slashed taxes by 4.2% compared to Supervisor Laura Gillen’s bloated spending plan. At the same time, Clavin pledged to cut the Supervisor’s $2 million patronage staff payroll by half on “day one” of his administration.

“I am proud to announce that I am running for Hempstead Town Supervisor, because it’s time to put taxpayers first,” said Clavin. “I was profoundly disappointed that the first financial act of the current Supervisor was to propose a budget that hiked taxes by $2 million.  It’s time to cut spending instead of boosting taxes. That’s why I was enthusiastic to work with a bipartisan group of Council Members to successfully pass a budget that slashed taxes by 4.2% compared to Laura Gillen’s bloated spending plan. Taxpayers deserve better.”

Clavin said that he was also stunned that Laura Gillen, when presented with an opportunity to support a sound and sensible bipartisan 2019 tax-cut budget on October 30, 2019 proclaimed, “I VOTE NO.” Evidence of the prudence of the Council Member’s tax cut was supported by an upgrade in the township’s Wall Street credit rating a mere two days after the tax-trimming spending plan was adopted over Gillen’s objections.

“It is very unfortunate for taxpayers that Supervisor Laura Gillen’s first two financial acts as town Supervisor were to propose a tax-hike budget and to vote ‘NO’ on a responsible, bipartisan tax-cut alternative,” announced Clavin.  “I will work with all of the Council Members in a bipartisan fashion to hold the line on taxes and control government spending.”

Don Clavin is a lot more than just a Receiver of Taxes who runs the most efficient and responsive tax office anywhere. Hempstead Town Receiver Don Clavin has been putting taxpayers first during his 18 years in office, doing more to help residents reduce their property tax burden than any other public official.  Hosting hundreds upon hundreds of taxpayer forums, Clavin has been showing homeowners how to lower their taxes through “tax challenge” seminars, and by hosting “how-to” programs that assist taxpayers in getting every property tax exemption for which they are eligible. What’s more, Don Clavin has been the strongest advocate for homeowners who are getting slammed by the Nassau County Executive’s error-riddled and unfair property tax reassessment process, which is hiking taxes for hundreds of thousands of tax-weary neighbors.

“Hempstead Town families need a public official who is putting taxpayers first,” said Clavin.  “I’ve been helping thousands upon thousands of taxpayers to cut their taxes by showing neighbors how to challenge their property taxes, and assisting homeowners in applying for property tax exemptions.  Additionally, I have been a vocal and strong critic of the Nassau County Executive’s badly-botched reassessment project, which is nothing more than a back-door tax increase for hundreds of thousands of Nassau homeowners.”

“I am doing all that I can to help homeowners to reduce their tax burden,” said Clavin.  “I am also fighting to give homeowners a voice in the County Executive’s badly-botched property tax reassessment project.  I am demanding transparency, accountability and an end to the embarrassing errors in a reassessment project that will increase some homeowners’ taxes by over 100%.  Sadly, Laura Gillen has been silent on the unfair and error-riddled reassessment project.”

Clavin enjoyed the unanimous support of his Republican Hempstead Town Council Members as he kicked off his campaign for Supervisor, including Majority Leader Erin King Sweeney, Deputy Supervisor Bruce Blakeman, as well as Councilmen Anthony D’Esposito and Dennis Dunne.  Also joining the Receiver, was former Supervisor and Town Clerk Kate Murray, who is running with Clavin for Town Clerk.

“I am enthusiastic to support a great public official who is putting taxpayers ahead of politics,” said King Sweeney.  “I am looking forward to having a partner in the Supervisor’s Office who will share my commitment to holding the line on taxes and controlling spending.”

“Don Clavin has worked harder than any other public official to show homeowners how to reduce their taxes through tax challenges and property tax exemptions,” stated Blakeman.  “Don Clavin is a true friend of the taxpayer.”

“Taxpayers can't afford high-tax Laura Gillen,” said D’Esposito.  “Supervisor Laura Gillen never met a tax she didn't try to hike, and she proudly announced, 'I VOTE NO' on the town's bipartisan tax cut budget.  Every other Republican and Democrat supported that tax cut. We need Don Clavin in the Supervisor's Office, because he puts taxpayers first."

“Neighbors deserve a tax fighter in the Supervisor’s Office,” announced Dunne. “Don Clavin is a real tax fighter who knows how to work with the Town Board to help our taxpayers.”

“I am happy to be part of Don’s team,” said Murray.  “I know that we will work well together to deliver top-quality services to residents at the lowest possible cost.”

Clavin indicated that he plans to bring the same type of innovation to the Supervisor’s job that has distinguished him as a visionary leader among municipal tax receivers.  In December of 2018, Don unveiled his office’s new “AutoPay” feature. The first of its kind on Long Island, AutoPay allows taxpayers to have their school and general tax bills automatically made through their stored payment method. With AutoPay, taxpayers never have to visit the tax office or mail in their payments again.  Don recently became the first in the state of New York to offer e-Bills, an environmentally friendly e-Billing program that delivers paperless property tax bills to residents through their home computers, tablets or mobile devices. The “paperless” e-Billing system also offers taxpayers the convenient option of paying online with a few simple steps.  Further, during collection periods, Don Clavin offers an array of convenient payment options. In addition to extended hours, along with mobile and satellite collection offices and online payments, Don offers taxpayers an “E-Z Pay” Drive-Thru that allows them to pay their taxes without leaving their cars.

The Receiver has a vision for the Supervisor’s job that includes environmentally responsible and sustainable growth; intergovernmental cooperation; streamlining of operations; a major infrastructure upgrade initiative, focusing on major roadway repaving projects and parks overhaul; encouragement of “next generation” homes development; enhancing services for persons with special needs; improving online town services; and collaborative initiatives with local universities and colleges, focused on retaining young workers in our township.

 “Hempstead Town is at a crossroads,” concluded Clavin.  “Our taxpayers are at the breaking point, and they can stand no more. Homeowners deserve a Supervisor who will hold the line on taxes, aggressively control unchecked government spending and work collaboratively with other members of the Town Board for real tax relief.  Residents do NOT need a chief executive whose first answer to government finances is to propose tax hikes and vote against tax cuts. From taking on the back-door tax increases of Nassau’s unfair and error-riddled reassessment to strongly managing our township’s operations, I will improve our government’s services while simultaneously putting our taxpayers first.

Don Clavin announced his campaign for Hempstead Town Supervisor in his childhood hometown of Valley Stream.

Don Clavin announced his campaign for Hempstead Town Supervisor in his childhood hometown of Valley Stream.

Don Clavin