Don Clavin Calls on Nassau County Administration to Correct Reassessment Errors and to be More Open and Transparent

Nassau’s Assessor is at it again! Errors committed under the leadership of Assessor David Moog, who was appointed by County Executive Laura Curran to head her signature reassessment project, are causing panic amongst taxpayers who are concerned about how the new assessed values on their homes will impact their taxes for years to come.

Don Clavin has seen the negative impacts of the reassessment project first hand, including homeowners who are facing tax increases of over 100% under Laura Curran’s property tax reassessment plan. Indeed, Don hosts free taxpayer forums attended by thousands of homeowners throughout the year. Where is the County Executive? Where is the Assessor? Nowhere to be found except when it comes to pointing fingers at others instead of taking responsibility for a disastrous property revaluation project that will drive some taxpayers out of their homes.

Clavin has identified a slew of errors committed by Nassau’s Assessor, including: 85,000 erroneously calculated assessments, missing and inaccurate Tax Impact Notices, the publishing of wrong tax grievance deadline dates and much more.

“The bungled rollout of the Nassau administration’s reassessment project is unacceptable,” Clavin said. “What’s even more concerning is that the County Executive and the appointed Assessor still refuse to host true community forums. The public deserves an open and transparent reassessment process, not one that is closed and secretive.”

In addition to helping people challenge their property tax assessments, Clavin launched a Facebook group that offered users an opportunity to share their Nassau reassessment stories.

“Nassau’s assessment system has been broken for many years,” Clavin said. “This was a wonderful opportunity for the county administration to finally fix this broken system. Unfortunately, the process has been flawed from the start, and they have a long way to go if they truly want to fix Nassau’s assessment system.”

Don Clavin