Nassau County Detectives’ Association Endorses Don Clavin for Hempstead Town Supervisor

As he vies to become the next Hempstead Town Supervisor, Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin, an advocate for law enforcement, is proud to announce that he has received the endorsement of the Nassau County Detectives Association (DAI). 

The Nassau DAI  represents over 1,400 active and retired detectives from the Nassau County Police Department. The endorsement letter was issued by Nassau County DAI President John Wighaus and 1st Vice President Jeffrey Gross. Clavin has always been proud supporter of law enforcement, and expressed his thanks to the Detectives’ Association for its endorsement. 

“The members of the Nassau County Detectives Association are courageous people who are out on the streets saving lives and preventing crime,” Clavin said. “I’ll do everything I can to advocate for them. I thank the members of the Nassau County Detectives’ Association for their support in my campaign to become Hempstead Town’s next Supervisor.”

The Nassau County Detectives Association is a member of the National Association of Police Organizations, a member of the New York State Association of PBA’s and a member of the Police Conference of New York.

Clavin has spoken publicly against the New York State Democrats’ “criminals first” agenda, denouncing the state’s new bail reforms and new rules of disclosure for prosecutors that effectively put criminals right back on the street and threaten the safety of citizens and law enforcement. As the next Supervisor of America’s largest township, Clavin said he would continue to advocate for the men and women of law enforcement.

 “I’m truly grateful for the men and women of law enforcement who protect our neighborhoods day and night,” Clavin said. “As an elected official, it’s my duty to tackle the issues that matter most to our men and women in law enforcement. Unfortunately, Democrats in New York State have an agenda that is putting ‘criminals first,’ instead of law enforcement. As an advocate for law enforcement, I stand with our men and women in blue.” 


Don Clavin