The Clavin Agenda Includes the Following Priorities: 

• Slash Supervisor’s Patronage Staff- Don Clavin is committed to slashing Supervisor Laura Gillen’s $2 million patronage staff payroll in half on “day one” of his administration.

• Eliminate Take-Home Cars for “Exempt”Government Employees- Don Clavin is calling for the elimination of all take-home vehicles for “exempt” employees (aka appointed officials). 

• Resignation of all “Exempt” Department Heads for Re-evaluation- Don Clavin will call for the resignation of all exempt department heads who are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the Town Board.  Clavin intends to conduct a full management review of department heads and will consider all staffing options based upon the needs of the township and the qualifications of candidates for various positions.

• IDA Transformative Development Zone Program- In an effort to spur transformative growth and revitalize business districts that are challenged, Clavin is calling upon the local IDA to pursue the establishment of Transformative Development Zones. These zones would include defined developer benefits within specified areas in order to encourage the development of neighborhoods instead of individual buildings.  As a base line, no PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) would be lower than the current property taxes, thereby protecting the local tax base.  Other taxpayer protections would be built into the plan.  The plan could also include incentives for next generation housing and other types of desired construction.

• Major Roadway / Infrastructure Investment Initiative- Don Clavin has indicated that the Town of Hempstead roadway network requires a major capital investment to maintain the safety of our streets and the desirability of local communities.  The Republican Town Board increased its road repaving capital budget by 16% this year; however, Clavin intends to build upon the current roadway upgrade schedule.

• Overhaul Building and Zoning Code-  Expanding upon an initiative launched by Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney, Don Clavin is focused on re-engineering the town’s building and zoning code to stem the exodus of young professionals from our region, which has been exacerbated by a lack of affordable housing and aging downtowns.  Simultaneously, Clavin will work with the development community to promote sustainable growth in Hempstead’s downtowns, encouraging mixed use development and transit-oriented housing, among other smart growth priorities.

“The agenda that I am advancing is one that puts taxpayers first,” said Don Clavin.  “It stands in stark contrast to Supervisor Laura Gillen’s record, which includes proposing to hike town taxes by millions, voting against a tax cut and trying to take credit for the tax cut which she voted against. Taxpayers deserve more from their government officials.”