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Hempstead Town homeowners deserve a Supervisor who will put taxpayers first.
— Don Clavin

Putting Taxpayers First

Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin is running for Supervisor of America’s largest township, putting taxpayers first. Don pledges to fight the tax-hiking agenda of Supervisor Laura Gillen, committing to slash runaway spending that has occurred under her watch. Don was a vocal critic of the Supervisor’s 2019 tax-hike plan, which called for a $2 million boost in total town taxes. Instead, he worked with a bipartisan coalition of town Council Members to deliver a budget that slashed taxes by 4.2% compared to Gillen’s bloated spending plan.

A Vision for America’s Largest Township

Don Clavin has a vision for the Supervisor’s job that includes environmentally responsible and sustainable growth; intergovernmental cooperation; streamlining of operations; a major infrastructure upgrade initiative, focusing on major roadway repaving projects and parks overhaul; encouragement of “next generation” homes development; enhancing services for persons with special needs; improving online town services; and collaborative initiatives with local universities and colleges, focused on retaining young workers in our township.

Standing Up for Homeowners

As Receiver, Don Clavin has done more to help residents reduce their property tax burden than any other public official. Hosting hundreds upon hundreds of taxpayer forums, Don has been showing homeowners how to lower their taxes through “tax challenge” seminars, and by hosting “how to” programs that assist taxpayers in getting every property tax exemption for which they are eligible. What’s more, Don has been the strongest advocate for homeowners who are getting slammed by the Nassau County Executive’s error-riddled and unfair property tax reassessment process, which is hiking taxes for hundreds of thousands of tax-weary neighbors.